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I have always thoroughly enjoyed all of my participation in theater over the years (particularly in musicals and revues). If you read Chapter 28 in my book (very subtle plug, huh?); then you'd know what I mean. I have served as musical director, setup and run sound, composed and produced live and recorded music and songs, worked tech, and even acted in an extended-run revue. I've worked in community theatre, night clubs and theatres, and in upper-school productions.

I have a number of services to offer:

Of course, I'm always looking for a collaborator to write the next "Great American Musical". I have half a zillion musical ideas in almost every style, and my lyrics tend to run on the more erudite side, so they fit in well with most musical genres. Always looking for the writer with a great idea, story or concept, who can write most of the book.

I can serve as musical director for original or stock.

I can provide, setup and/or run the sound system.

I can compose and/or produce instrumental music or songs. These can be provided on CD, or as arrangements for a band.

I can create sound effects of any type and duration. These can be supplied on an audio CD or a computer data CD, so they can be accurately cued during performance.


Please contact me, if you could use any of my services,
or have a great idea to collaborate on! Thanks,

Gary Gerdes

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