Gary and the Geezers

Tired of hearing your favorite oldies songs chopped up and used for car commercials? Ever wanted to get up and dance to a car commercial? Ah, that's what we thought......

Based in the Greater Seattle area - Gary & the Geezers (formerly Mr. Bones) play all your favorite hits from the 50's, 60's and earlier 70's. No...that's a load of dingoes kidneys! How could we play all your favorite hits? We don't even know what they are. But dollars to donuts, we'll play a darn good smattering of them.

We have five (count 'em - 5) lead vocalists, so you won't get tired listening to the same old bloke over and over. Obviously we're strong on background vocals too. And instrumentally - wowzers!

The Geezers are available for corporate or private parties and events, or what have you? If you wish, we can do a lighter mellower cocktail/dinner set, and then kick out the jams for dancing.

If you're interested - please complete the form below and we'll check our schedule and get back to you with a quote.

live karaoke


The Geezers come equipped with lyrics for all their songs, and can provide song lists to the audience. We are not at all adverse to a few folks from your group coming up and doing a karaoke spot with a live band (so much more fun than the machines). Heck, we'll even adjust the microphone.


Gary & the Geezers' Song List

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