Ears to Hear

"Ears to Hear" is a band based out of the Seattle area, that I put together to play the original Christian songs I was writing. At last count there were about six of us..

We have been together in several incarnations for the past 4 years. We've played a few concerts, a number of coffee houses, special church events like barbecues or auctions, and some private events.

At this point I an reevaluating the focus of the group, it's size, and am working on some more new songs. So we are not actively seeking bookings at this time - but if one comes up.....

We're also seriously considering getting some of the material recorded.

So, much like this non-flashy web page, we are in pause and regroup mode right now.

If you have any questions or would like to ask me about a performance, please let me know. I do have some tapes available, and will soon add some MP3 snippets to this page.


Gary Gerdes


By the way, there is a Christian duo based in Orange County, California - also using the name "Ears to Hear" - if you are looking for them - here they are: http://www.earstohear.com

Oh by the way, they have a much cooler web site....(of course just about anything is cooler than this one right now....)