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"New Moon Ballroom" - all kinds of swing
"Sock Hop at the Gym" - mid 50's to later 60's rock
"Summer of Love" - Hippy Psychedelia Extravaganza
"Schzophrenic Scheventies" - guess?
"The Big 80's" - guess again?
"Sh*t-Kickin' at the Honky Tonk" - "real" country
"Caribbean Punch" - party in the sunshine
"Mardi Gras at the Gumbo Swamp" - N'Orleans
"Spook Central" - Halloween & so much more
"Hooray for Hollywood!" - everybody's a star
"Loony Toonz" - genius, madness, or just crazy?
"On the Road Again" - car/bike shows & club parties
"Black & White Party" - monochrome madness
"The Mixed Bag" - little bit of everything
Karaoke Only - with a few tunes thrown in
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About 1/2 size of a high-school gym
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Mix-maybe quieter to start, crank it up for dancing

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